Spoilers ahead for season 4
Новое видео. Спасибо olga 2610

This was just pure luck–& there was NO WAY I was going to miss this Event in my own city. I was able to find the website and search for all the RedBull Events happening during those 3 days—all tickets were showing available at that time (early April). The tickets were FREE (YES!) and only limited to a maximum of 2 tickets for each event. I was only able to attend the Friday LT Workshop/Dance Your Way Afterparty at a venue called The Secret Group. The first Event was called:

Workshop: Dancing on the World Stage

Doors opened @4pm that afternoon. The outside looked empty, but the inside of the venue was nice… here’s a photo of the well-known RedBull Ring in the smaller room (not where the Workshop/Battles were held):

There was a waiting area where we could just chill/use the facilities/get refreshments—pretty cool. The room that the LT Workshop was held opened @ 4:45pm. There was an announcement made that LT was going to be late—but LT arrived @ 5:05pm—only 5 minutes late (they are getting better at that…LOL)! I got to hug both Larry & Lau (their scents—don’t get me started 0_0) before their Workshop began. I told Lau that he needs to come back to Houston more often Lau said “I want to come back more often, but I always have a busy schedule…” :/

LT were kind of puzzled as the number of dancers was not what was expected: they were notified that there were @ 30 dancers (Sold-Out Workshop)…but only 13-15 dancers were on the floor. There was also an argument in between the 2 regarding which way they should face to dance (YAK films wanted to get a good angle to record their footage)—a good 5 -minute French argument 0_0. I was on Lau’s side:

I was also able to get a photo of LT both teaching:

During the middle of the Workshop, LT wanted the dancers to “stop being shy” & to “loosen up”. They said that “[we] will show them more love when they put their heart into their dance”—and from that point on, all of the dancers went full-out. I was able to get a small video of Larry’s final choreo: x There are plenty of other videos out there for Lau’s choreo…. I guess because I was on Lau’s side for the whole workshop, I didn’t want to video his choreo? Je ne sais pas…. :/

After the LT Workshop, there were a Panel Discussion about the Dance Culture & the Community held in another room while some people remained in the room that the Workshop was held because the All-Styles Battle was about to begin there as well. LT went outside to get some food from the food trucks that were parked in front of the venue. I stayed in the Workshop room to just chill & wait for the:

All-Styles Battle

The All-Styles Battle was intense! LT were judges (they sat on a couch on a stage near me) along with 2 other dancers. I was a part of the circle around the RedBull Ring (we had to always be alert and clear out of the way of the dancers). The battle consisted of 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2…a 4-way battle…..or 2 vs 2 vs 2—a 3-way battle to condense the time for the event. The judges pointed their arms to the side of the dancers who would advance to the next round, or they would place their arms in an “X” to denote that they could not decide (these votes started right when it was just a battle of 2 vs 2). This was my first RedBull BC One experience, and all these dancers were INSANE! I had to scoot back a couple of times because I did NOT want to interfere with anyone’s round 0_0. Once the Semi-Finals Round was over, I noticed Lau was pacing back & forth on the stage (he REALLY did not know who he was voting for—and he did not want to vote an “X”). I turned around and shouted at Lau “C’est bien.” Lau stared at me for 5 seconds—the proceeded (in English) to tell me 10 reasons as to why his decision would NOT BE OK…LOLOLOLOLOLOL (he was really panicking)!!! Cracked me up! Larry was saying “just vote” …LOLOLOL! After they counted down from 5 and pointed their arms to the winning team, we finally had the last 2 surviving teams for finals. The 2 other judges on the couch came down to do some freestyles during this time. Next, the Finals went for 2 Rounds at first, but Lau said that they needed 1 more round to TRULY decide. Before that final round, LT did small Freestyles. The winner of the All-Styles Battle went to the finals in Switzerland 0_0 After that everyone celebrated with the winners with hugs and high-fives. It was then time for the:

“Dance Your Way” Afterparty

There were 2 rooms used for the Afterparty: both rooms had different vibes. Larry floated from room to room, and a lot of people kept following him…LOL. I followed him to the other room one time to see what was happening over there. As he was switching rooms to come back closer to Lau, he stuck his tongue out at me (sounds familiar?) then grabbed my right arm as he crossed into the neighboring room…Lau pretty much stayed in the same room as the Workshop/All-Styles Battle. There were times when a great song was played, and Larry ran back over to be close to his Bro & preceded to destroy the song with PLENTY of musicality. LT occasionally got upset with one of the DJ’s because he would play a song…LT would vibe with the song…ask the DJ to keep playing that song….but then DJ would change the song after 30 seconds—that got LT MAD! The DJ never allowed LT to vibe COMPLETELY with a song :/ Another DJ came on, & things got better after that 0_0.

Headed out from the Afterparty @ 1:45am and went to go eat because I was STARVING! RedBull throws a great event!

I’m going to miss those 2 goofballs…but I will see them again…soon… ;)


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Это просто шикарное )))

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olga 2610
С вашего дозволения вставлю свои 5 копеек

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olga 2610
Это просто шикарное )))
Оооо даа...как символично:buh: два в одном)
Фотки отпад , получила удовольствие, спасибо!!!!:vo::vo::hlop:

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olga 2610
блин...и как же я по ним соскучилась...

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Spoilers ahead for season 4
olga 2610, спасибо, подняла в пост

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olga 2610
Нормальное качество подвезли

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Spoilers ahead for season 4
olga 2610, спасибо, сейчас подниму в пост

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olga 2610
klavir, Если вас не затруднит:D

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Spoilers ahead for season 4

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Spoilers ahead for season 4
ооо, как в старые добрые времена прям :inlove:

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olga 2610
klavir, Они так редко сейчас появляются танцующими , что наверно именно поэтому так кажется;-)
А вообще, конечно эмоций масса:inlove:
И еще как Ло "делился сердцем" с людьми(в конце своего танца), меня прям это так задело, до глубины души...так трогательно:heart:

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Spoilers ahead for season 4
olga 2610, Ло какой-то все равно грустный

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olga 2610
klavir, это он в образе;-)
Тыж глянь, он и на шпагат прыгнул и "падение смерти" даже частично выполнил ,эмоции его переполняют и он не следит что танцует так, как ему низя:cool: Думаю, что все норм)))


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