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BALTIMORE — One way to warm up in the cold weather is to dance, and not just any dance, but with the best dancers in the world who just happen to be in town.

They are known as Les Twins -- the French identical twins who won NBC's "World of Dance" and have toured as featured dancers with Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj.

They are hosting a hip-hop master class for all ages in Baltimore on Thursday.

Laurent and Larry Bourgeois promised that anyone can learn to dance, and they love the idea of bringing their art to Charm City and working with aspiring dancers of all ages.

"Baltimore is so everything we are. I love to hear it from Jay-Z's mouth or any other artist and they're talking about how real they are here. I love to be here and see people who look like me, but speak a different language, so, it's so good to be here," Laurent and Larry Bourgeois said.

Les Twins began performing on the streets of Paris. They are completely self-taught, very tall at 6 feet 4 inches each and just about the nicest people you could meet.

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